The Company History And Its Present Position:

Európsky námorný a rybársky fond

The fishing joint-stock company Slovryb already exists for more than that ten years. It has been profiled as the greatest producer of salmons in the Slovakia with almost two-thirds share in this commodity on domestic market.
From its founder The Slovak Fishing Union - the company has taken over, and further develops the best traditions of trout breeding in the Slovakia, starting with the 17th century up to intensive trout breeding, which accelerated in the past century. The top specialists in the area of breeding an processing of freshwater fishes work in the company at present.
The company farms on the six aquaculture objects located along the north of Slovakia, which are at the same time the studs authorized by a state, producing fishes under continuous state veterinary monitoring. The prevailing majority of these fish-culture plants, as well as the fish processing plant, comply with strict EU standards. The company has implemented info all its plants the System of hazard control points (HCCP), respectively the principles of correct production praxis.
The confirmation of company-preferred orientation to the quality of production is also the classification of its products into the national quality system "Slovak Gold". The company breeds fishes in a closed cycle, from its own generation herds, which enables to perform the supervisions on quality of settings selected for further breeding, or distributed for stocking into a free nature. The breeding period of market fishes in the company, influenced by the natural, climatic and water-management conditions in the Slovakia, when compared with broiler-type studs, results into the more consistent and therewith also healthier resulting product the fish muscles.
The company delivers for completing the quantity of fishes in the wards the stocks of rainbow trout, brook trout, grayling and for both the domestic and foreign markets the rainbow trout a market size is being offered also in processed form of chilled, frozen and smoked products.

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Slovryb, a.s.
038 42 Príbovce 258

Head office

tel:++421 43 421 0011

Business Dpt. tel:++421 43 421 0013 e-mail:


The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court in Žilina, section: Sa, file No.: 152/ L
Licence: Ministry of Agriculture Slovak Republic, No: 9/02-520

Veterinary approvals: No: SK 9-3/2003, SK 9-3/SPR-2003, SK 09-20 Príbovce